Co ludzie mówią o nas

„Honestly, it was a pleasure to follow these courses, to meet a new area and new people. I started to believe that foreign stock exchange will become a part of my life.”

Giulia-Roxana P.

„Very educational and instructive for those interested.”

Cristian Marius R.

 „The course methodology was sufficient to understand it and acquire a certain experience.”

Nicolae Răzvan O.

„The course was well taught. The graphic was accented and I believe this is the most important part.”

Mihai S.

„Brief and Objective.”

Corina-Petruţa P.

„Impeccable quality!”

Doina Liviana I.

„A very good introduction to financial transactions plain for everyone.”

Andrei Cristian C.

„Professional teaching of course.”

Traian V.

„This is a very good course because theory deficitions were combined with practical aspects.”

Andrei Marius C.

„A very good one! Course’s advantage is that I had the chance to work with a professional trader of the company.”

Florin-Daniel P.

„During 3 weeks of course I acquired all necessary information about forex trading! In other places I would acquire them in 3-6 months!”

George Cosmin B-M.

„This course offered me all information needed for trading on foreign stock exchange.”

Ioan Ştefan G.

„A course that shows you the value of money!” 

Alexandra V.

„Teaching was very organized, interactive, based on practice and without diminishing the importance of theory.”

Maria-Cristina B.

„I learned new and interesting things that will help me in professional career.”

Elena-Cristina P.

„The course was interesting, well structured. It has a basis and a starting point.”

Vlad-Nicolae N.

„The teaching was a beneficial and pioneering one!”

Emanuela R.

„Course’s teaching was a unique experience and I am so glad I chosed to follow it!”

Rachid K.

„A course that brings benefits to everyone who follows it.”

Daniel-Nicolae S.

„The teaching was instructive and interesting!”

Alexandru-Adrian C.

„This teaching style seems to be an interactive one, a very well explained with free discussions.”

Bogdan Gheorghe E.

„A course which significantly improved my knowledge in this area and led me to start a new career being sure about my own powers!”

Ana Maria B.

„The teaching was friendly and constructive.”

Viorel H.

„Being a beginner I guess this course was well taught on the point!”

Ciprian D.

„This is a professional course where you make a lot of practice”.

Marian D.

„Consistent, understandable and very well structured!”

Andrei-Daniel C.

„The teaching was at the point, interactive and accurate.”

Victor S.

„I’m pleased of this course teaching! I acquired advanced trading knowledge in a short time!”

Andrei M.

„FOREX trading will be so useful to me (first as a supplement and then as a main source of income) and will make a great experience in financial area.”

Ana-Maria R.

„I acquired information about a new field which I can easily apply in my activity.”

Mariana B.

„I’d like to be a trader because I’m a pensioner and a little extra income will be so welcome to me. More than that, my mind works in an interesting and exciting way.”

Eugeniu P.

 „It was an interesting course where I gained knowledge about foreign exchange.”

Cristina-Gabriela Ş.

„Very interesting course with useful information so I could start trading.”

Cristian S.

„Although this is a complex area, the teaching was structured in a special way to make me understand the complicated issues so I could create a proper view about markets.”

Răzvan-Ioan D.

 „It was a great experience where I had to study a lot of information about transactions.”

Elena-Raluca C.

„Certainly, FOREX can be a real asset for career and can help persons to develop their financial situation.”

Violeta V.

 „The teaching was flawless: professionalism and dedication of trainers.”

Lidia O.

„I understood very well what I was taught.”

Cătălin C.

„Very well structured courses!”

Iulian Ţ.


„I appreciate a lot how courses were taught in this period.”

Alexandru M.

„You have the chance to gain profit, you’re always connected to global news. Here are challenges every day, but the risk of losses exists anyway.”

Elena Cătălin B.

„Educational, analytical and very well explained; professional teaching.”

Popescu B.

„Very complex, precise, well explained – it was a professional and useful course.”

Corina Beatrice Ivonne M.

„Interesting, helpful, motivating.”

Sorin S.

„I consider that this course were pretty simple to be understood by a beginner. In same time, it offers the minimal basis needed for the ability to trade on a real account.”

Ştefan Cristian V.

„The course is very useful and comprehensive, even exciting I shall say. It is a challenge for any bold spirit that wants to oversome his condition.”

Marian R.

 „Very interesting and exciting! The practicability of course had an instant effect. This is what makes the interest for foreign exchange to grow.”  

Valerica C.

„Well structured on important aspects. The offered information is enough to start the trader’s activity.” 

Mircea D.

„It is an interesting and profitable activity, but involves a certain risk that I hope to minimize as much as possible.” 

Olteanu M.

„An interesting course for curious people.”

Radu-Constantin T.

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